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My name is Mark Despain, and I would like to introduce myself as well as our blog, the Pelican Pulse. I am the Pelican market expert for 8z Real Estate. I am a great source for community information in Pelican area. I have spent most of my life in Windsor. My wife and I live in downtown Windsor with our 5 sons just down the road from my childhood home. Our boys participate in town sports and attend Windsor schools. We choose to settle in Windsor because it’s the kind of places that feels like home- even if you are just pulling into town for the first time. We had planned to settle in a neighboring city, but were completely drawn back in by the small town charm. We love the concerts and swimming at the beach, riding bikes along the Poudre River and walking to the farmer’s market. The schools are great and it’s a wonderful place to be at any stage of life. With 3 larger cities within a 15 minute drive, it’s small town living with all the amenities.

I am the best source of Real Estate information for the area because I know Windsor so well. Not only do I look at the new listings in Windsor as they come on the market, and keep a close eye on neighborhood values, but I also know what it’s like to live here. I know what it means to be a kid here, and parent here. I sell houses that I delivered newspapers to as a kid. I can drive you through town and tell you all about a home and who used to live there or where they used to herd sheep down 7th St. Most importantly to my clients in this competitive market, I combine local understanding with solid Real Estate experience. I’ve been involved with remodeling, fixing, designing, buying, selling and investing in homes since my first job doing maintenance for a rental company as a teenager. I’m one of the top producing agents in Northern Colorado. I’ve been a full time, local real estate agent since 2005.

I’ve launched Pelican Pulse as a way to keep the current residents informed of what is happening in their community. This includes information to help current homeowners know what their home is worth, ways to make it more valuable, and to know what others in their neighborhood are up to. It’s also a forum for the community to have discussions about what’s happening around the neighborhood.

Keep up to date with the Pelican Facebook page or on the blog. If we haven’t already, I look forward to meeting you. And for those of you who are new to the Pelican community, welcome!

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